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Welcome to Shane Alan Yoga

Hi There,

I'm Shane and I welcome you to Shane Alan Yoga. 

I discovered my passion for Yoga back in 2018 after a change in jobs brought immeasurable stress and upset into my life. The mat was my space to reconnect with myself, to slow things down and focus on what my body and mind needed rather than the demands of work and life. 

To say it changed my perspective on things is an understatement, i fell head first into a practice that encourages you to feel, to be mindful, to take time and breathe when you need some peace. A practice that promotes self inquiry and gives you the tools to ultimately give yourself permission to stop and look after yourself.

I qualified in October '20, hit the ground running in May '21 after the final lock-down ended and have been guiding and sharing my practice ever since. 

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Yoga With Karmen Stretch

Did you miss her this time round? Don't panic, shell be back soon!



All classes hosted by Shane Alan Yoga are accessible for beginners as well as still providing challenge for more experienced Yogis.  Whether its a vinyasa flow, a slower but strengthening hatha sequence or a gentle yin session, there is something suited to everyone's needs.

Neil Mcappin

More than a year on we are regulars, and still love the sessions. Shane continues to offer new things in class to keep us entertained and engaged and you can really tell how much he cares about his practice and about each of us. Couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Ayla Gowling

Shane is such a fantastic teacher. I love his classes as they are challenging and yet so relaxing - The balance is simply perfect!! I would 100% recommend everyone to book in to one of his amazing classes, you won't regret it!!

Patrick Shea

I enjoy every class that I attend with Shane. He has a calming, professional way of being. As a beginner I feel I have developed in my yoga practice in a way I am very happy with, guided by Shane in my practice in a patient, knowledgable manner. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

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